Solo Hair Boutique, Haddonfield, NJ

About SOLO Hair Boutique

Valerie prides herself on pampering her clientele. She is down to earth but at the same time modern and fashion forward.

It is many years since the doors opened at Solo. During this time Valerie has learned much about her clients and herself. First and foremost, she wants to thank her clients for their support. Without them, she would not be here.

When clients enter Solo, they realize how musical of an experience it can be as well. Val custom tailors her diverse music taste to match every client's preference. She enjoys being creative in all aspects of a salon environment, with all the personal touches....

Val's goal for Solo is to focus on having a fresh, "green" work area.. She recently acquired a state-of-the-art medical air filtration system and she also regularly diffuses essential oils to purify and detoxify the air. She also use use "green" cleaning agents and non-toxic hair products.